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Life is so random, that nobody knows what is in store for them until it actuvally happens. It gives us great pleasure in bringing you this to know the SPINAL CORD INJURY DISABILITY problems along with various socio-economic problems of the poor, has came forword with one vision start the SPINAL INJURY & DISABILITY SEVA FOUNDATION aiming of spinal cord injury poor people especially targetting the poor who fall under poverty line. The SPINAL INJURY & DISABILITY SEVA FOUNDATION AIM GIVES THE HELP TO COUNCIL GUIDE PROVIDING ALL THINGS REQUIREMENTS OF SPINAL CORD INJURY DISABILITY POOR PEOPLE


THE spinal injury problems ; changes in its function either temporary are permenant

  • Loss muscle function of sensation or autonomic function in parts of body
  • Paralysis compilation occur short term or long term
  • Pressuer sores and bed sores
  • Respiratory problems and other infections
  • Depends upon others for all things
  • Required physiotheraphy
  • Diapers and cathetrs with xylocaine gels (for urinary and bowled related problems)

in the majority of cases from such as road accidents, falls, the toddy labours and constructions & bilding labours its happens. Most of these kind of things, in our contry 80% below poverties and need for survival very expencive, somebody they dont have capable for baring these requirements ,and more over lack of awreness, lack of financial problems, there are not survival in thier lifes. thats why








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Account Name: Spine Injury & Disability Seva Fondation

Bank Name: Corporation Bank

Account No. : 074301601000418

IFSC Code: CORP0000743

Swift Code: CORPINBB0276

Branch: New Nallakunta branch – Hyderabad

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  • The foundation aims firstly create a support system including a helpline to council guide people create awareness lend an empathitic ear ,
  • We hope the foundation will become a flatform like us to their grievances
  • We aim to provide/give information or access
  • Wheel chairs
  • Cructches
  • Walkers
  •  Diapers
  • Cathetras with xylocaine gels (for urinary and bowl problems)
  • Appropriate beds ( air beds or water beds )
  • Physiotherapy
  •  And also medicine treetment by doctor
  • And related equipment and for instance is very expencive ,but equality very necessary to keep the muscles from anrophying/degenarating.